I just love WordPress! I mean, what’s not to love? Open source platform that allows people to create and develop their own awesome theme for users to build on? Sure beats back in the day when it was all html or nothing at all. It is the turn of a new year coming up we wanted to write about what we think are the best WordPress themes 2016 !

To help us with our search we visited our favorite website for WordPress themes, ThemeForest. Among the thousands of WordPress themes available on Themeforest, we only picked 5 WordPress themes. We judged these themes on customer rating and amount of sales. Do you think that there are other themes that belong on this list? Please drop us a line and let us know. We always want to discover new themes and share what we find.

(drum roll please….) — Here are the best WordPress Themes 2016 (in our humble opinion)

Avada WordPress Theme


The king of the Best WordPress Themes 2016 is Avada. Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. That’s quite the title and it’s well deserved too. With more than 160,000 satisfied customers today, Avada gives you the ability to create any design style. Total freedom to make any website you wish. They recently added multiple demos to choose from too. This way if you don’t have the creative mindset to build a site from scratch, these demos will give you the building blocks to come up with your own design.

Avada uses an interface called “Fusion Builder”. Fusion Builder is a drag and drop interface where you can take any element and move it around easily with a click and drag method. Another great feature is that Avada is responsive! What is responsive? It pretty much means it can be easily converted to be viewed on smartphones and tables. Many websites nowadays don’t convert well on smaller screens, but with Avada all the development is taken care of already.

Here are some reviews about Avada:

  • “Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of WP Themes. It does Everything!” – Collis Ta’eed CEO Envato
  •  “It’s the best selling WordPress theme of all time for a reason…” – InstaDesign ThemeForest Customer
  •  “The theme you’ve been waiting for. The theme to end all themes.” – Pigs and bees themeforest customer

Enfold WordPress Theme


The Enfold theme by Kriesi brags that it is “The user-friendliest wordpress theme ever made”. It has a 5 star rating on their Themeforest profile page with over 70,000 in sales. Enfold is very similar to Avada, but with slight differences. It’s like comparing Honda and Toyota. They all have the wheels, doors and a motor, but there are slight differences between them.

The big difference is that Enfold is the “Best Rated” top seller on Themeforest. Avada might have more sales, but Enfold has a better rating. Of course, Avada has over double the sales so I’m sure that some lesser reviews will tarnish the rating of Avada. Nonetheless, Enfold shines when it comes to support and customer service.
Enfold has demos as well. Easily import dummy data and start building your website! Enfold gives you the ability to install their theme demos with single click and have a working website up-and-running in 2 minutes. Their drag and drop editor is slightly different than Avada’s and customers praise the layout and ease of use. Not only is Enfold responsive, but it is also retina ready! Retina ready means the website will come up crystal clear on all smartphones and tablets.

Here are some reviews for Enfold:

  • “I have to say, with more than 4 years of buying templates here and almost 100 purchases through Envato (mostly in ThemeForest), Kriesi’s Enfold theme IS the best theme. Everything just works and everything looks clean and simple” – OcalaWebsiteDesigns
  • Not only is this a great htmee but when they say the support is outstanding they MEAN it. The support is SECOND TO NONE. These guys offer fast and friendly help. Little wonder they are rated so highly. TOP product, TOP service. 5 stars just isn’t enough. – PPCHound
Read More About Enfold

Salient WordPress Theme


Salient theme is a super cool and fully responsive WordPress template made by ThemeNectar. If you like our website, guess what? It’s made with the Salient theme! I bet you never thought that? We really love the look of Salient so we decided to use it. So far we’ve been really happy.

What we really liked were the different demos that came along with Salient. Avada and Enfold both have great demos, but the layouts and unique demos that came with Salient really caught our eye. To create their web pages, they use a UI called Page Builder. We’re still learning how to use it now, but so far it’s really easy to learn.

Here are some reviews for Salient:

  • “5 stars all the way! Not only is the theme amazing, clean, and super easy-to-use/customizable – the support is top notch. Incredibly helpful documentation & dummy data, and amazingly fast response time on the support.” – skucenski
  • “Salient is very simply the best theme for WordPress available today – features, responsive layouts, platform compatibility and contemporary design.” – Everymahn
  • “I am super newbie in WordPress, actually this is my very first time I use WP for my professional business. This theme really friendly and easy to use, oh man … you deserve a noble!” – Slidehack
Read More About Salient

Bridge WordPress Theme


Very new, but climbing quickly for the best WordPress themes 2016 is Bridge. With over 34,000 in sales, Bridge is the 12th best-selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. They have a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on their ratings too! That’s a pretty good track record and their popularity is growing. I have yet to try this theme, but the one thing that caught my attention was the large amount of demos that comes with the theme.

There are 100 demos that come along with this theme! That’s right…. 100! 24 layout concepts as well. You see, sometimes, those of us who are not the Salvador Dali of website designers (yours truly), need some serious inspiration to design a website. The more references and examples the better. So the more demos you have, the better off you will be!

Here are some reviews for Bridge:

  • “Awesome, awesome, this is just perfection. Thanks for a great design and clean code.” – WinkyTheme
  • “Brilliant theme, extremely versatile. I’m not a fan of page builders (prefer chort codes) but the theme itself is AMAZE-BALLS” – designdamos
Read More About Bridge

Those are just a handful of WordPress themes that I think are the best ones out there. There are thousands of different themes on Themeforest that you can look at and more are being added everyday. Do you have a favorite theme that you’d like to see added to this list? Do you think your Best WordPress Themes 2016 is better? Let me know! I don’t know everything and want to keep adding knowledge to this ole’ toolbox upstairs.

Check out all the different Themeforest WordPress themes out there. Just click here. Not only does Themeforest have WordPress themes, but they have stock photos, videos, plugins for Wordpres and different themes for other CMS platforms! It really is an awesome site. Check ’em out

Check Out The Popular WordPress Themes on Themeforest

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